Your Home Needs A Doctor

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Many people wonder what an inspector could offer in a periodic home maintenance inspection. After all, who knows a home better than the homeowner, right? This false logic is why some vehicle owners get 7 years out of a car, while others get 15. The drivers who realize periodic preventative maintenance inspections by a qualified mechanic as a good thing will usually fare much better than the rest.

The Good Doctor

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A good home inspector has been trained in and has knowledge in all major systems and components of a house. You can think of them as similar to your family doctor. Your doctor can verify and help you manage many health problems before they become a big issue. Sometimes though, a problem is so serious that you have to go see a specialist.

It is much the same with a “health check” of your home. A home inspection can alert you to small problems and possibly save you good money before calling out the specialist. If you suspect a possible expensive repair, it is better to have an unbiased opinion. A home inspector has no vested interest in the outcome and will not “overprescribe” an expensive remedy or referral unless truly warranted. This can save you big money!

The Good Teacher

Another bonus of a maintenance inspection is that it serves as a refresher homecare course for the homeowner. A really good inspector will walk you through the home, show you what to look for, and teach you how to take care of your home. He will also educate you on the age and expected remaining life of the systems in your home and how you can maximize them.

The Last Word

After living in a home for a few years you can become blind to even the most visible of problems. Hire a competent home inspector to give you a fresh set of eyes. Your home will love you for it!

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