What is a Sewer Inspection?

A sewer scope inspection utilizes a specialized camera system to visually inspect the lateral sewer line from the main cleanout to the city main sewer line. It is used to identify potential defects in the sewer line that may compromise the integrity or serviceability of the building sewer. 

Common defects that cannot be found with a regular home inspection include, separated joints, root intrusion, cracks, corrosion, crushed pipes, blockages, and belly or sags.

With the cost of a typical sewer lateral replacement averaging $7,000-$15,000, it makes sense to add the service to your home inspection.

For homebuyers or residential sewer inspections, our certified inspectors conduct thorough inspections in Edmonton.

Sewer Line Inspections - Included with all single-family detached homes!
Available as an add-on service for mobile homes, duplexes, and townhomes. Also offered as a Stand-Alone Service

Ensure Your Home's Health: Opt for Comprehensive Sewer Lateral Inspections in Sherwood Park, Edmonton

Welcome to Ciara Property Inspections, your trusted source for expert sewer lateral services in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, AB. Our team of certified sewer inspectors is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of your sewer system. Whether you're a homebuyer or a homeowner, our meticulous sewer inspections provide valuable insights into the condition of your sewer lateral.

Ciara Property Inspections offers top-notch sewer lateral services in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, AB. Our certified sewer inspectors conduct thorough sewer inspections for homes and properties. Whether you're buying a house or need a residential sewer inspection, trust us for a comprehensive assessment. Contact us today for a detailed sewer inspection report.

Our Comprehensive Home Sewer Lateral Inspection Services include the following:


Sewer Inspection Edmonton: Our skilled sewer inspectors in Edmonton conduct comprehensive sewer inspections, identifying potential issues and ensuring that your sewer system is functioning properly.


Home Sewer Inspection: Whether you're buying a house or want to assess your existing sewer lateral, our home sewer inspections provide a detailed evaluation of your sewer system's condition.


Sewer Lateral Inspection: We conduct thorough inspections of sewer laterals, including sewer lines and connections, to detect any blockages, damages, or potential sewer problems.

At Ciara Property Inspections, our sewer lateral services cater to the following needs:


Sewer Inspection When Buying A House: For homebuyers, a sewer inspection is essential to avoid unexpected sewer-related expenses after purchasing a property. Our inspections give you confidence in your real estate transaction.


Sewer Inspection Before Buying House: Before making one of the most significant investments of your life, ensure you have a comprehensive sewer inspection. Our certified sewer inspectors identify hidden sewer issues, providing you with valuable information for negotiation.


Residential Sewer Inspection: For homeowners, our residential sewer inspections offer peace of mind. We evaluate your sewer system's condition, detecting any potential problems and helping you maintain a healthy sewer lateral.

Our Services include:

Sewer Lateral Services Sherwood Park