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Late last summer I took the plunge and threw myself into what I hope will become an exciting new chapter.

Through approximately 550 hours of study and another hundred hours spent learning in the field, I am happy to say that launch day has arrived!

Ciara Property Inspections is finally coming to fruition, but this company has to stand for more than just a new career and outstanding home inspections.

We named our business in honour of our late daughter Ciara. Even as she was battling brain cancer herself, Ciara wanted to bring gifts to those that were spending their Christmas in the hospital. That is the spirit we want to achieve with Ciara Property Inspections. Hence our tagline;

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Inspecting Homes, Helping Families

It is our pledge to the community that in Ciara’s memory we will always strive to help families of children battling cancer. They need our support. I know this because we needed it at one time also.

Our pledge to our clients is an ongoing commitment to give you the best possible home inspection experience in the greater Edmonton area. It’s a lofty goal to achieve but we’ll get there with your help!

Please come often for new content including fundraising posts, home maintenance tips and cool photos and videos from the field. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Join the Ciara family and help us spread the word!

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